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About Boston Terriers

The Boston Terrier is a compact, stout, well-muscled mastiff breed. Their distinctive face features a short, broad muzzle and a pair of large, round, far-set eyes that are dark in color. Their ears are short and stand erect, and their nose is large and black in color. The Boston Terrier’s head is wide and flat, and the neck is slightly arched. The breed’s chest is proportionately broad, and the limbs are straight, sturdy, and well-muscled. The coat of the Boston Terrier is glossy, short-haired, and fine in texture. It exists in a number of colors including brindle & white, black & white, or brown & white.
Official colors are brindle with white and black with white. Other colors aren't officially recognized by the AKC.
The AKC also recognizes these additional colors, red and white, chocolate and white, black and white, brindle and white, seal and white, fawn and white, cream and white, and honey and white. Also, not all Boston Terrier noses are black. Some are also red and brown. The AKC does not consider all of these colors show worthy but still recognizes the genes.

About Us

My experience with breeding started in 2005 when I became a co owner in my friend's boston terrier pethouse. I had a few litters of the breed Miniature pinscher. I became her friend in 2003 when I got my first miniature pinscher Cita from her breeding. Cita was 3,5 years when she came to me, and she gave me three litters and Bella is her daughter that I kept and she gave me 3 litters too.
I love them both with all my heart. They are now retired from breading and live only as Friendly dogs at my home. They are enjoying life. Every Boston deserves the best... We love Boston Terriers! They're a cute, comical, caring breed who, when matched with the right owner, will provide many happy years of companionship.
We know there are lots of people like us, who love and care for their Bostons - and believe us, we'd much prefer it if we didn't even exist - but alas, there are Boston Terriers up and down the world who are not being treated as they should be; beautiful, bouncy Bostons without a comfy bed at night, or a human to give them the best of everything... There are also people who, for many reasons, are no longer able to keep their Boston Terrier and because of their love for their pet want to ensure they go to a home that has been fully checked and will have lifelong back-up.

Our Core Value

Welcome to Cute Boston Terriers! It is our desire to make a difference in the communities we serve. For more than 17 years, we have been the retail pet industry leader in the area of animal care with ongoing staff training programs, in-store animal husbandry systems and community service programs aimed at placing homeless pets and curbing pet overpopulation in the community.
Our pet counselors are dedicated to matching the right pet with the right customer and meeting the needs of both. To our customers who already have pets, we are dedicated to enhancing their knowledge and enjoyment of the human-animal bond.

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Cute Boston Terriers Health Garantee

We do not believe your puppy is replaceable but we do believe that sometimes the pain can be lessened in the company of another furry friend. In the unlikely event of the death of a puppy within two years from its birth due to genetics, or if the puppy is found to have congenital or hereditary disorders (within two years) which adversely affects the health of your puppy, we will replace the pet with another of equivalent value at no cost to you. The cause of death should be certified by a licensed veterinarian.In the event of the death of a puppy, due to genetics, after ten years of birth, we will issue a credit in the amount of 70% of the original cost towards the purchase of a replacement puppy of equivalent value. The cause of death should be certified by a licensed veterinarian.

Cute Boston Terriers Character.

Originally, Cute Boston Terriers was bred to participate in dog fights. Since that time, the vast majority of the breed’s aggressive tendencies have been eliminated. The contemporary Boston Terrier is friendly, alert, and good-natured. They are full of character, energy, and enthusiasm, and they are highly intelligent and well-mannered. Because they are perceptive and sensitive to a person’s tone of voice, they like to learn and are a comparatively easy breed to train. They are independent and free-willed in certain situations. Boston Terriers only bark if they sense a threat, and for this reason, they make good watchdogs. They are very good with children, elderly people, and they are social with strangers. They like to feel like part of the Friendly. Some male Boston Terriers may be dominant towards other male dogs. They get along with non-canine pets.

Our Vet Care


The glossy, short-haired coat of the Boston Terrier is easy to groom and care for. Regular brushing with a firm bristle brush and bathing only as necessary are sufficient methods of upkeep. The face and eyes of this breed should be wiped with a clean, moist cloth on a daily basis. Ears and eyes should be regularly checked. Nails should be kept trimmed. The Boston Terrier is an average shedder.

What we need from you:

Nothing delights us more than knowing we were able to bring a healthy, happy puppy to you. We do seek out your help to ensure your puppy remains healthy. Here are a few measures that will help:Send us a copy of the examination (medical record) within 2 business days of receiving your puppy. The examination must be performed by a licensed veterinarian. Your puppy will come with up-to-date, age-appropriate vaccinations for you.

Ideal Environment

The Boston Terrier can live happily in a small household or apartment. They are comparatively inactive indoors and are content to live without a yard. They are sensitive to extreme climate fluctuations. Boston Terriers enjoy going for short, brisk walks and playing in fenced-in areas. * Although small, Boston terriers are high-energy dogs that love to run and play. They are happy to be a lap dog as well. Bostons should have a yard and a long walk or run-every day to keep healthy and happy. Most of all they just enjoy spending time with their owners. Due to shortened snouts they do not fair well in extreme weather. They will push themselves beyond their limit and may become overheated.

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We cannot guarantee the disposition or temperament, conformation, size, weight, color, markings or breeding ability of your new puppy.No replacements will be given if the breeds that are known to be prone to hip dysplasia, are over-weight.Failure to provide your puppy with timely inoculations or regular veterinary care will void this guarantee.This guarantee does not cover any costs associated with spaying or neutering, including undecided testes.