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Thank you all for your kind words of honesty

Saul Goodman

04th May 2015

Hello, Tuna was a blessing to our Friendly this year. You made our dream come true, To God we never believed you were going to ship the baby to us, Because we had falling into the hands of scam many times , So my husband said, well this should be the last time that we are sending money via wire transfer. And thank GOD we did and you kept to your words, God will bless you and your Friendly, i can’t stop thanking you, We so exited. Wishing you the the best. if i have someone who is interested in buying a Boston Terrier puppy, your website will be the first to visit.

Sara Wilsson

10th July 2015

I knew nothing about finding a good dog’s breeder. Our last dog came from someone who knew nothing about breeding dogs; it made me think no body actually knows anything about breeding but you prove me wrong with all the guides you gave us and which are just working properly as you forecast. It was so hard to get along with Jen in the first two weeks she came as she was not even eating but later she picked up her pieces and became the entertaining and welcoming person in the house. She has been seriously given breeding lessons and I want to thank you for the visit you to paid just to find out how she was doing

Jena Karlis

01st Dec 2015

The other day our Friendly brought home our newest LOVE!!! It has been forever since we had a puppy in the house. (We had our last dog for 12 years before he got a brain tumor). We named our little guy Tank. He is soooooooo much fun and the sweetest little boy EVER! He had the best little personality and is just so stink’n CUTE! Omg we are so in love! Especially our 4 year old who loves to snuggle with him at nap time

Matt Brandon

30th Sep 2016

Just a quick note to thank you for taking the time to listen to what we wanted in a dog. We feel that your personalized service was perfect for our needs. Jane is the best dog ever! She is so well behaved in the house. She loves to go to work with George during the day. The girls have been playing lots of Frisbee with her . She is adjusting very well. She is even getting along with Star the chihuahua! She is a perfect fit for our Friendly!! We will definitely call you when we are ready for another dog. keep in touch. Thanks for everything,”).

Derek & Shawna

26th Nov 2016

Hi There, Just wanted to let you know Sara is doing great. She's only had us up twice at night since we brought her home. She definitely loves snuggling and playtime. Today she's spent most her day snuggled with Shawna and just wants to have a lazy Sunday. Thank you again for giving us this sweet little girl. She's stolen our hearts!

John Larson

05th Dec 2016

Thank you again – Cannon is a fine example of your expertise. Everyone at Their home are truly the best of the best – and a blessing to our Friendly. Let me just say that we are customers for LIFE with y’all. I will NEVER own another “child” that y’all didn’t train – it’s that simple.”


04th Jan 2017

WE love him so much! He has been to work twice and is a HUGE hit! I even gave an employee your website cause he wants one! I am so glad we found you! Bennie is still trying to adjust but I think he loves him too! LOL He is loved everyday with Gramma (my mother-in-law) So Jett is never alone! I will send pics and updates! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!


10th Dec 2017

UPDATE: Summer 2013 - Hi Melissa. Just wanted to touch base. We bought Bella from you a few years ago. She just turned 2 in may. I just wanted to share some photos of her with you and let you know how well she's doing. AMAZING. She is just the best. So well behaved, polite and fun. She loves our kids and they adore her. She goes everywhere with us. She's spoiled rotten. I love love love her. She's so tiny. People are always stopping to see her and can't believe how little she is. A whole 10 lbs.


11th April 2018

March 2014 - Just thought you might like an update on the little fellow I got from you guys. He's doing great! We got his 15 week shots recently and our vet has declared him "perfect!". He has enjoyed helping me rake the yard, during which event he declared himself Lord of the Twigs and simultaneously vanquished his mortal enemy the Rake. Also on his list of enemies (which is surprisingly long for one so young) are the Vacuum Cleaner, the Broom and recently, the Roll of Toilet Paper. He has been a constant source of amusement for me when he is active and a comfort when he is in more cuddly moods. I can't thank you enough for him! Hope this finds you all doing well. Sincerely,

Claire Crochet

03th Oct 2018

"We purchased a Boston puppy from you this past summer. We named her Bella. Le me tell you...we are absolutely head over heels for her. She is definitely man's best friend. Thank you so much for raising such sweet, adorable and loving puppies. We have enjoyed everyminute with her and hope to come back for another soon.

Ken and Sheri Trujillo

18th Feb 2019

We do not know how we lived without him. Here is a picture with his big sister Briix, they have so much fun playing together. Scrapper the other Boston is coming around I know they'll be good friends too. We have successfully transitioned to our food and his little tummy is fine. He has such a personality and we are so thankful to have him. Thank you for our wonderful little boy.

Carly & Jeff

27th May 2019

Hope you're doing well. :) Wanted to send you an update on sweet Stella. She has been so much fun, from the moment we met you last Friday. She loves her new brothers so much, and 2 of the 3 think she's pretty great too (the chihuahua is a huge grump, but he's coming around). She wrestles with our husky (Snotz) every chance she gets, and he's super gentle and sweet with her, it's adorable to watch! She's doing great with potty training, with very few accidents in the house - unless we're gone, and she almost has the courage up to use the doggie door on her own, we're thinking she'll have that conquered this week. ;) She's eating well, and snuggles with our pug (Kirby) every chance she gets. Just wanted to say thank you again, she's been such a bright spot in our lives, and I can't imagine how we got along without her!

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